Join us virtually on June 8th and 9th 2020 for the

30th International Conference on
Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases

The 30th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases, EJC 2020, Hamburg, Germany, June 8-9, 2020

Changes due to Coronavirus

Due to the regulations regarding the coronavirus pandemic, EJC 2020 will be transformed into a virtual event taking place on June 8th and 9th.

Final paper for IOS Journal print

"Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXXI" by IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2020 will be edited by the editing committee and published as an Open Access E-book.
Please refer to Author’s instructions for detailed information and submission guidelines.

EJC 2020 Implementation

Due to regulations caused by Corona virus this year conference is transformed to into virtual event, held on June 8th and 9th at 9-12 German time. Presentations, prepared according to the instructions, have 10 minutes time slot. Virtual conference is organized with Zoom platform; invitations to the conference are sent by the organizers based on the registrations (see below).
Conference preprint, having ISSN, is edited by the editing committee and will be published in the CSS Series of the Christian Albrechts University at Kiel as an open access e-book. The final conference book will be published, as usual, by IOS Press in early 2021 (edited in Autumn 2020 by the editing committee) in the form of open access e-book. Printed versions are available directly from IOS Press by order.
Conference fee, covering the publishing costs, is 150 EUR per PAPER . One of the authors of each paper has to pay it; otherwise conference participation is free (for other authors and interested bodies; requires registration).
Please follow detailed information and registration guidelines Please refer to Author’s instructions for detailed information and to Registration for registration guidelines.


Information modelling is becoming more and more important topic for researchers, designers, and users of information systems.
The amount and complexity of information itself, the number of abstraction levels of information, and the size of databases and knowledge bases are continuously growing. Conceptual modelling is one of the sub-areas of information modelling.
The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from different areas of computer science and other disciplines, who have a common interest in understanding and solving problems on information modelling and knowledge bases, as well as applying the results of research to practice.
We also aim to recognize and study new areas on modelling and knowledge bases to which more attention should be paid. Therefore philosophy and logic, cognitive science, knowledge management, linguistics and management science are relevant areas, too. In the conference, there will be three categories of presentations, i.e. full papers, short papers and position papers.


The series of European – Japanese Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases (EJC) originally started as a co-operation initiative between Japan and Finland in 1988 as a continuum to the series of Scandinavian conferences since 1982. The practical operations were then organized by professor Ohsuga in Japan and professors Hannu and Hannu Jaakkola in Finland. Geographical scope was expanded to cover first Europe and further other countries.

Working principles

The total number of participants is limited to 50 (30 papers). We want to provide time enough for the presentations and discussions. The conference is an excellent forum for networking with active research community in this important topic area. The authors must present their paper at the conference. The papers are published first by the local organizers as the conference (e-)proceedings and after the conference the improved versions of the papers in a journal print in the Series of "Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence" by IOS Press (Amsterdam). The books "Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases Vol. n" are edited by the Editing Committee of the conference.

Important dates:

  • Final paper for IOS Journal print:
    September 15th, 2020

Local arrangements:

HAW Hamburg, Germany

Contact person:

Prof. Marina Tropmann-Frick


Local arrangements

Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick
Professor for Data Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 428758418
E-Mail: Marina.Tropmann-Frick [at]

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